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Hikari Nakamura Pokecolo Sales Promotion Part
Joined Cocone in April 2020 after graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2018 with a major in Japanese painting and studying abroad in France for a year. She is a member of the sales promotion part of Pokecolo. Currently serving as a part leader while creating designs to enhance the value of items.

Like a frame for a painting, Sales promotion is “making the best frame”

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– What is the job description of the “Pokecolo” sales promotion part of your job?

The sales promotion team creates many of the announcements and advertisements for items released on Pokecolo. We are also responsible for the UI of the item’s sales area, animations, banners, buttons, etc.

– What is important to you in conveying the appeal of your items to users?

First of all, it is a prerequisite that the basic information about the item is properly conveyed to the customer. In addition to that, what we value is the sense of “creating the best frame”. For example, it is like a “frame” for a painting or a “plate” on which a delicious dish is placed. Our goal is to enhance the attractiveness of the item through promotional design and deliver it to the customer, leading them to purchase it.

– You are the leader of the sales promotion part. How do you manage your team?

I am still going through a process of trial and error, but I try to support the team members so that they can enjoy their work and stay healthy, and always remember to thank them for their support. One day, a senior colleague advised me, “Just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you have to do everything better than the other members”, which made me feel better. I am not a leader because I am a leader, but because I recognize that my role is to take the initiative in creating an environment in which the members can demonstrate their abilities.

– Pokecolo is celebrating its twelfth anniversary this year, and there are many projects planned for the month of September.

In addition to events and new gachas related to the number “12” in honor of the 12th anniversary, there will also be a different reissue of the gacha every day. The key visuals are beautifully designed with the theme of clocks and watches, and there are also designs that incorporate the theme scattered throughout the site, so please pay attention to them as well.

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