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Mio Tokita 3D Designer
After working for a game company, she joined Cocone in December 2020. She was involved in the launch of “Pokepia” and was in charge of 3D production and quality check of star items. Currently, she is in charge of character 3D production for a service scheduled for release this fall.

Find a silhouette that evokes positive emotions

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– Ms.Tokita, I understand that you moved to Cocone from a game company when you launched the project for the 3D avatar service “Pokepia”.

Originally, I wanted to be involved in a service with cute designs, which is what Cocone’s apps are good at. Cocone is a company that produces avatar apps, not games, so I sometimes wondered if I would be able to make use of the know-how I had cultivated in the game industry, but in the end I had a strong desire to ‘create what I want to create’ and decided to join the company.

– What do you pay attention to when you use 3D to express the “kawaii” that is typical of Cocone?

The appeal of 3D is that you can see items and avatars from various angles, but it is also a difficult part of the process. I define “kawaii” as “a positive emotion that comes to you at first glance. When I create a 3D image of an item, I always pay close attention to the silhouette. I look at the item from all angles and actually place it on the app screen to see how it balances with its surroundings in order to verify whether or not it evokes a positive emotion at first impression.

– What do you think 3D will mean for the “digital world” that Cocone has created?

I believe that 3D has the power to remove the gap between Cocone’s digital world and the real world. I believe that 3D has the power to bridge the gap between the digital world of Cocone and the real world.

– I hear you are launching a new 3D service this fall.

The new app is a service that focuses on collecting digital art toys and other items. We hope people will enjoy interacting with people from all over the world, as this service will be available not only in Japan but also worldwide.

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