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Hanako Fujihara Item Designer
She joined the company as a new graduate in April 2016. After working on various internal projects, she joined the Item Planning Team of the Pokecolo Twin Division in April 2023. Currently, she works as an item designer planning items for avatars.

What is “kawaii” for each application as seen through participation in multiple projects

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– Since joining Cocone, you have been involved in a number of projects, and have studied hard as an item designer. Based on your experience, what do you think are the characteristics of “kawaii” in each service?

Cocone’s avatar service is often brushed up based on customer reactions, so I think the “kawaii” that customers perceive is an indicator of the service. For example, when I was in charge of an avatar service in collaboration with a world-famous character, I had the impression that customers found the character itself “kawaii” and liked the atmosphere of the character itself. On the other hand, in original services designed by Cocone such as “Pokecolo” and “Pokepia,” many customers were excited about the items used to create the world view, such as the clothes worn by the avatar and the interior decorations for the house, and many thought the avatar itself was cute. I also have the impression that many people find the avatars themselves cute.

– I think the difference between the two is interesting. You recently joined the Pokecolo Twin team. How do you see the “kawaii” that is unique to Pokecolo Twin?

Since there are two avatars in the service, customers can create their own relationships with their avatars, such as siblings or couples, by coordinating their avatars. I think the worldview created by this relationship is one of the best parts of Pokecolo Twin’s “kawaii”.

– What do you find interesting about working on Pokecolo Twin?

In order to maintain the world view of the service, there are usually rules for the look of the illustrations, but I feel that Pokecolo Twin offers a high degree of freedom and a very wide range of expression. From three-dimensional expressions with a sense of depth, to flat hand-drawn style, to dot-style illustrations, we have devised a variety of ways to express the texture of the illustrations, in particular. As a designer, I find this service challenging and very interesting.

– Does your experience working with a variety of services give you an edge?

I believe that the more experience I gain in designing items for Cocone, the more knowledge I will accumulate that will make our customers happy. There are many patterns that I can apply my experience from other services, so I would like to make the most of my experience at Pokecolo Twin as well. Recently, I am also interested in in-house training, and I hope to use my experience to help new graduates who join our company.

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