Magazine SWITCH Interview “COCONE CREATORS FILE” FILE.18 cocone v corporation Executive Officer Mariko Azuma

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Mariko Azuma cocone v corporation executive officer
After changing careers from an editorial designer for a monthly magazine, joined NHN Japan. in 2011 as an avatar service planner and operator, became the business manager of ” Purenista ” in 2020, and the executive officer of cocone v corporation in 2021.

Infinite Possibilities Emerging Purenista’s Art Graph

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– You were previously a magazine designer. How did you get into the industry?

I originally loved characters and had a vague idea that I wanted to be in the character business. I had a vague idea that I wanted to work in the character business. I found a job offer at NHN Japan, the predecessor of cocone v, right around the time I quit my previous job. I thought it would be my first step into the character business, so I took the plunge and joined the company, even though I had no experience in planning.

– It’s been ten years since you joined the company, what do you find attractive about your job?

In terms of satisfaction, the release of ” Purenista ” three years ago was a major point for me. It was the first service in which I participated in the launch of a business, and I think my experience and achievements in developing this service while worrying about various issues together with my team members have led to the satisfaction I feel today.

– Purenista is an avatar service with a distinctive dress-up element.

Yes. Conventional dress-up applications generally require users to place items on a specified part of the avatar or in a specified space. With Purenista, however, you can place items and avatars anywhere you like, and the “Art Graph Photography” function allows you to create a work of art that looks like a single picture. Of course, there are certain parts of the avatar that can be dressed up, but with Art Graph Photography, you can change the size of the avatar and accompanying items, rotate them, and even swap the front and back layers, allowing you to freely arrange them on the application.

– I think the key to enjoying Purenista will be to think differently than others.

I was also surprised that when there were no train-shaped items available on the app, one of our customers combined items that had nothing to do with trains to express a train. I think the charm of Purenista is that even using the same item, infinite possibilities can be created depending on the customer’s idea.

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