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Dongjun Choi cocone v corporation CEO
In 2004, he joined NHN Japan in Fukuoka, Japan, where he launched the design division. He then became a director of the predecessor company of cocone v. In 2021, he became the CEO and Representative Director of cocone v.

Overcoming the Global “Barrier” The Future of Avatar Services

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– Since 2004, when you joined NHN Japan, which operates the online game community ” Hangame ” how have you seen the concept of avatars expand?

When the Internet first became popular, the only representation of oneself in an online environment was a string of letters called an ID. And as more and more people played online games, a community gradually developed. As this happened, the need for a means to represent oneself in a way other than a string of letters grew and grew. I personally interpret this as the fact that by creating avatars as images, Hangame proposed another way to express oneself, which matched the demand of the times and became very popular. Today, the way we view avatars has changed, and I feel that it has become more common for people to find enjoyment in dressing up their avatars.

– What kind of avatar service do you think will match the times?

The term “metaverse” is often used, and I believe that the digital world will be constructed in greater detail in the future, and economic activities will become more active. In such a world, we will need a digital self that is a little different from our real self. And I believe that people will be more interested in dressing up their avatars, which used to be a means of expressing themselves digitally, and that the desire to create original forms of themselves will become stronger and more creative.

– Then the avatar may not necessarily have to be in human form.

The biggest challenge that cocone v faces in developing avatar services on a global scale are factors such as culture, gender, and skin color, so it may not be necessary to focus on human beings in the first place. Right now, we are trying to come up with a service that can overcome that very barrier.

– I would like to ask about the organizational theory of Mr.Choi, who is also the President and CEO of cocone v.

We strive to create a “good organization” and a “strong organization”. We believe that a good organization is one in which the members feel a sense of fulfillment in their work. To achieve this, we need three things: the health of our members, the atmosphere within the company, and teamwork. We also want our members to experience a sense of accomplishment as they achieve results. The more often this happens, the more we can give back to our members, and the closer we can get to a “good organization”. To achieve this, we need to become a “strong organization” that can produce results, and that is what I want to focus on now.

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