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Tomoe Sakagami Motion Designer
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in the area of painting, and after working for a game-related company, joined Cocone in 2022. Currently, she is mainly in charge of item motions for ” Pokecolo Twin”. Last year, she received the Rookie Award, which is given to promising newcomers selected by Cocone.

One World Beyond Illustration Expression of Motion Design

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– What exactly do you do as a motion designer now?

My job is to create the worldview of the items by adding animations and effects to the avatars’ movements and gestures, as well as to the clothes and accessories they wear and the interiors in which they are placed.

– What were you conscious of when you were trying to express the ” Pokecolo Twin ” style in your animation?

I am always conscious of how to bring out the cuteness. I try to make the small avatars blend into the world, so even items with serious themes can be moved a little softly. I also try to create movements and gestures that make people want to take screenshots and share them on social networking sites.

– If you think about it, figuring out how to move interiors around can seem daunting.

For interior design, I think of movement in terms of images that expand the worldview of the item. For example, if an item has a pop theme, I am conscious of the way it moves in a way that makes it fun to look at.

– But there are a vast number of items in Pokecolo Twin. How do you draw out ideas for the animations for each of these items?

I watch a lot of games and animations. The theme of Pokecolo Twin is “cute,” but I absorb production methods from a variety of genres, not limited to that. I am also actively learning new animation tools and software.

– Finally, what do you yourself see as the appeal of motion design work?

I feel that motion design is an expression that goes one step beyond illustration. By moving the illustration, the view of the world of the illustration is deepened. That’s what makes it so profound and interesting.

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