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Mami Miyazaki Designer
Majored in illustration course in the art department of a university. She is in charge of a wide range of work including design, art direction, and training of newcomers, focusing on fashion items at ” Pokecolo Twin “, which she was involved in the launch of.

A team where various values that are not bound by stereotypes intersect

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– You joined Cocone in the same year that Cocone began hiring new graduates.

I have loved drawing since I was a child and studied illustration at university. I also like to think about designing clothes, and I once entered a design competition when I was a student. I thought it would be fun to be involved in various genres of fashion at Cocone, so I applied for the job.

– How do you feel you have grown since you joined the company?

I am no longer bound by stereotypes. At Cocone, we discuss and come up with a variety of “cute” and “interesting” ideas as a team, and I think this has really broadened my perspective. Although I am a new graduate, there are designers from a wide variety of backgrounds, so their sensitivities and experiences are also stimulating for me.

– You must be surrounded by creative members, but what is your boss like to organize your team?

Even with the increase in remote work after Corona and the difficulty of communication, the team leader still cares about everyone on the team, She is very open to talk to us, like, “Is there anything you like lately?” She is very open with us and ask us, “What are your favorite things lately? That makes me very happy and makes me feel at ease. I am now in charge of training new employees, and I try to talk to them in a frank manner.

– What is your goal as a designer?

I always design items with an eye on trends and customer satisfaction, but I also want to be a designer who can maintain my own unique “cute” worldview.

– Are there any gachas that you were in charge of that are scheduled for release in the future?

Just in June, a gacha called “Cyber♡Planet” that I art-directed has been released in “Pokecolo Twin”. I hope you will enjoy this cute theme, which aims to create a Vapourwave-like worldview.

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