Magazine SWITCH Interview “COCONE CREATORS FILE” FILE.14 Motion Designer Hikari Yamashita

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Hikari Yamashita Motion Designer
She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2017 in the area of animation. After joining Cocone the same year, She worked as a motion designer for the avatar app ” Pokecolo ” and has been working as a motion designer for ” Livly Island ” since 2021

The conflict that arises because it is a title that you like is a springboard to

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– I understand that you were in charge of motion design from the very beginning of the launch of ” Livly Island “.

I’ve been working on the game since its earliest days, when the TSUNORIML, MOMOTH, and Black dog were first introduced. Livly Island was a title I enjoyed for many years as a child, so I never thought a new version would be released by the company I work for.

– When did you first meet Livly Island?

When I was in elementary school, I had the opportunity to see the classic version at a friend’s house. There, I was fascinated by the Livlys, and I kept them until about 2004.

– You mentioned that you majored in animation in college.

At first, I was not very interested in this field, but when I made a loose animal animation in high school, I realized that it was an easy way for me to express what I wanted to do. I also had friends around me who liked animation, so I decided to study it at university to learn more about its appeal.

– What is important to you when designing motion for Livly Island?

What is important to the entire team is Livly’s “creatureliness”. We create movements while being conscious of the naturalness of the creature so that we do not lose our attachment to it. We repeat checks and adjustments many times without making any compromises. Livly Island, which has been loved for more than 20 years, bears the memories of many owners. While respecting this, in order to deliver research now, twenty years after Livly was born, how it should land as the latest research, and how to deliver change in a positive way, we reconcile different values and create with attention to detail.

– What are some of the specific aspects of the movement that you are focusing on?

We try to add a little extra flavor that will trigger attachment. For example, the shaking of the tips of Livly’s hair. It is quite detailed, but I believe that the realistic texture that can be unconsciously felt will lead to attachment. I am always looking for ways to add unique gestures that will serve as hooks. This is a difficult area that depends on personal values, and I am also putting a lot of effort into training my successor.

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