Magazine SWITCH Interview “Cocone’s professionals who master support” Concierge Team Leader Mana Omura

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Mana Omura Concierge Team Team Leader, General Affairs Department
After joining LVMH Group Louis Vuitton Japan, She was in charge of customer service sales and store management. After joining Cocone in 2008, participated in the launch of the concierge team.

Putting customer service experience to work

Magazine SWITCH Interview “Cocone's professionals who master support” Concierge Team Leader Mana Omura

– I think it’s unusual for a company to have a “concierge team”, but what exactly do you do?

The General Affairs Department has three teams: a technical team that provides support for the Internet environment and computers, a facilities team that manages facilities, and a concierge team to which I belong. The concierge team’s main job is to listen to all kinds of consultations from employees and resolve them.

– What kind of consultation do you receive?

Although there are different sizes of consultations, they vary from the development of the internal environment, orientation of new employees, support for business travelers and visitors, and so on. In addition to our daily work, we also host monthly events

– You had a mochi pounding event in the New Year.

Yes. In addition, we are planning to make employee birthday parties a regular event. I hope that the event will bring people together from other departments and create a good atmosphere in the company.

– You used to work in customer service for a fashion brand.

I worked in the fashion industry for a long time, but left the industry temporarily to have and raise my children. After working in several different positions, I found a job opening at Cocone when my children had settled down for school. They were looking for clerical work, which I thought would be difficult since I had no experience. However, the job description stated “launching a concierge team,” and I thought it might not be just clerical work, but a job where I would think about making employees feel comfortable. I thought I could make use of my customer service skills and decided to join the company.

– What do you do to make it easier for your employees to work?

I aim to create an environment where people can easily ask questions and seek advice. I also want to become a “Cocone’s professional” who understands the company better than anyone else and can answer any questions. In order to speed up the response time to inquiries, I have created a contact point on the internal chat system so that I can respond to questions immediately.

– Are there any challenges in dealing with the new and updated equipment in your company?

On the other hand, I also find it very rewarding because equipment that I think will be beneficial to Cocone is introduced as soon as I make a proposal. For example, we have an oxygen capsule-like room equipped with a device that supplies highly concentrated oxygen.

– Ms.Omura, you reflect on what you feel from your daily work and make it easier to spend time in the office.

Yes. We’re running around a lot, but it’s rewarding and fun.

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