Magazine SWITCH Interview “Healthy wellness without pressure” Wellness Team Leader Haruya Kohiruimaki

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This article was originally published in “SWITCH Vol.41-No.6” and is reprinted with permission.


Haruya Kohiruimaki Wellness Team Leader
Worked mainly in teaching studio lessons and personal training at Central Sports Co. Joined Cocone after experience in personal gym management and recruiting personnel.

Aiming to be a gym that “Conditioning” the body and mind

Magazine SWITCH Interview “Healthy wellness without pressure” Wellness Team Leader Haruya Kohiruimaki

– What is your background so far?

After graduating from high school, I worked for three years as a craftsman in the painting industry. Due to my love of basketball, I switched careers in the fitness industry to become a sports instructor. I worked as an instructor at a major gym for nine years and then as a manager for several years. While running the gym, I also wanted to experience recruiting and human resources, so I moved to a general company and then joined Cocone.

– What made you decide to join Cocone?

I originally applied for the position of recruiting personnel, but I was invited to join the company because they were looking for personnel for the wellness team. When I heard that I would also be in charge of hiring trainers, I thought I was the right person for the job, so I joined the company.

– So you were able to use your experience at the gym and the skills you had as a recruiting HR person. Do you have any criteria for hiring trainers?

As a manager of a gym, I realized the importance of a concept in gym management. That is why the concept of Cocone’s gyms is “conditioning”. Since we have many female employees, it is easier for them to use the gym if they are conditioned according to their physical condition rather than if they work out.

– The concept of Conditioning the body fit is very important because we spend a lot of time at our desks facing the computer. What else is unique about the Wellness Team?

We also have a massage therapist on staff at Cocone, and we aim to take an approach that alleviates mental and physical ailments by relieving fatigue from work. We also offer K-pop dance classes, which are very popular.

– It’s a nice change of pace between jobs.

I believe that the more people at Cocone are aware that they are moving their bodies, the more likely they are to stay with us. I think it’s a good hurdle for people who have never danced before but are willing to give it a try because it’s free.

– What is the future outlook for the wellness team?

We are not a fitness club, but a wellness club, so our first priority is to think about what is important for all of our employees to lead healthy and active lives. For example, I feel it is important to think about how to approach people who are not good at exercising but are interested in beauty. We may be able to support them by suggesting healthy food and supplements or how to create a beautiful posture without forcing them to move their bodies. I would like to make efforts to make our services more widely used, including detailed approaches.

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