Magazine SWITCH Interview “Creating a workplace that enriches life” General Manager of the Corporate Design Division Shigeyuki Kashiwakuma

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Shigeyuki Kashiwakuma General Manager of the Corporate Design Division
He joined Cocone Corporation in 2009 and currently serves as General Manager of the Corporate Design Division. He continues to seek a workplace environment that is unique to Cocone in terms of both internal systems and facilities, and actively takes on the challenge of new endeavors.

Creating a base where a virtuous cycle is created

Magazine SWITCH Interview “Creating a workplace that enriches life” General Manager of the Corporate Design Division Shigeyuki Kashiwakuma

– What are your current responsibilities?

– I am the Executive Officer and General Manager of the Corporate Design Division. My mission is to design the company from both an institutional and facilities perspective. It fulfills general human resources and general administration functions, but in addition it is a department that encompasses the deli team, which provides meals, and the wellness team, which includes a gym and massages.

– I see that Cocone has a variety of programs in addition to its excellent facilities. Can you tell us more about one of them, ” cocone my time / my day “?

This system allows employees to use Wednesdays that do not have a national holiday as time off for their own personal use. It is not a three-day weekend by any means, but rather, it is up to the employees to decide how they want to use it.

– How did this type of system come about?

When the founder of Cocone started the company, his key phrase was “I want to build a good company. He often talks about the four things he wants to give back to his employees. The first is compensation, the second is job satisfaction, and the third is health. The third is health. The fourth was time. This system is an attempt to give back time. You can use it however you want, whether it is to attend an event, read a book, or go to a museum. However, since this is a job that requires teamwork, we ask our employees to be aware of the distribution of work and how it fits in with the busy season.

– I hear that you are also actively involved in supporting childcare.

The basic maternity and childcare leave system is available to both men and women, and the “childcare free time” system allows employees to use a certain amount of paid time each month for childcare. For example, some employees go up an hour early every day to pick up their children.

– I understand that you are employing an increasing number of foreign nationals as you expand globally, and that you also provide support in obtaining visas.

Many of the foreign nationals who come to Cocone now speak Japanese, but I think they have a lot of trouble working in a country where it is not their first language, much less reading and writing official documents. We would like to make it less time-consuming for them to renew their visas by not asking them to take half a day off to do so, and by having the company support them in filling out the paperwork, etc.

– What kind of office environment and work style do you ultimately want to achieve?

I don’t think there is a finished product, but I do hope that the workplace functions as a meaningful place in one’s life. By taking care of the health of our employees and creating a good place to work, wonderful people will gather there. From such people, wonderful services that will please customers around the world will be born. I would like to create a base where such a cycle is possible.

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*Cocone is working on various systems through trial and error, based on our founding desire to return time, rewards, satisfaction, and health to our employees. We are currently considering the introduction of a different system to the one described in this article.

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