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Mie Saito Motion Designer
After graduating from Musashino Art University, he joined a video production company. He then moved to the gaming industry and joined Cocone in 2019. Currently, he is the deputy head of the motion part of the Pokecolo Product Planning Department. He is mainly responsible for the movements of avatars called ” colonians “

Bringing avatars to life using techniques honed in video production

– I understand that you are the motion designer for ” Pokecolo “. Do you mean that you create all of the characters’ movements, etc.?

Yes, that’s right. The motion team creates all of the avatar’s movements, including the basic movements of the avatars, which we call colonians. We are constantly thinking about what kind of expressions and poses would make the avatars look cuter and more lively when they wear the coordinated avatar fashions and hairstyles that our designers have devised.

– I understand that you worked for a video production company before joining Cocone.

I worked for a company that edited movie trailers. I think there are titles and copy that play in movie trailers, and I was directing them in such a way that they conveyed the movie itself in an appealing way by changing the direction depending on the work.

– When you came to Cocone from the video industry, was there a situation where you were able to use your knowledge?

I still have many situations where I feel that I can make use of the experience I gained in my previous job. When I was a student, I tended to create works based on my senses, but now I think I am able to create things with more precision thanks to the basic knowledge of design that I have acquired in the video industry.

– Because Pokecolo is an app that accompanies us in our daily lives, I think the little movements of the characters are very important. What do you consider important when adding motion to avatars?

A supervisor I used to work with used to say, ‘Colonians are alive.’ My boss used to say, ‘Colonians are alive.’ The whole team still keeps this in mind, and we create movements that bring the characters to life. I personally try to create moments that make you want to take a screenshot, and I try to create motion and pictures that are attractive as a series of moving images, but also beautiful as a single picture, even when you take a screenshot without thinking.

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