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Kinuko Monma Designer
After graduating from design school, he joined Cocone as a new graduate. After working on large-scale projects, he was assigned to the Pokecolo Product Planning and Design team in 2019 and is currently in charge of design and art direction, focusing on fashion items

Cocone, a job I chose as a new graduate, is a job that allows me to master my “love”.

– You joined Cocone as a new graduate, why did you choose Cocone?

After graduating from design school, I wanted to work in an environment where I could demonstrate my abilities, and I chose Cocone because I felt it was a company where I could apply the knowledge I had learned and my enthusiasm for creating cute designs. I chose Cocone because I felt I could make use of the knowledge I had learned and my passion for creating cute designs. The employees are all very kind, and I am allowed to take on new challenges. The company also has a gym, company cafeteria, and other facilities, so I feel that we have a good working environment that takes care of the health of our employees.

– You design fashion items for ” Pokecolo,” what do you consider important when designing?

First of all, research centered on SNS is essential to learn what our customers like, and we also compile feedback on items we have released in the past to find out what the trends are for popular items. However, what I value most is my own sensibility. I am conscious of creating items with the feeling that I am the biggest fan of the designs I have created. I am happy if my customers can see that my designs were created not only as work, but also with enjoyment and care.

– You mentioned earlier that research is important, what items do you feel are popular?

Cute animal motifs such as cats and bunnies, imitations of the world of fairy tales, and angelic decorations are popular, as are fashions that are hard to wear in the real world. Seasonal items are also popular, but we are always careful to create a new image so that our items don’t look like items from the past.

– I can see that you enjoy your work and are enthusiastic about your design work.

I enjoy working at Cocone. I looked at various companies before joining the company, but I couldn’t get used to the taste I was looking for, and as I learned about various realities, I felt like I had found the right fit when I met Cocone. At Cocone, I am happy to be able to realize the worldview I wanted to express.

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