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FILE. 10

Junji Kimura UI Designer
After working as a graphic designer for advertisements, he was involved in game development as a UI/UX designer. 2022, he joined Cocone and worked as a team leader in the UI/UX department of ” Pokecolo Twin “. Currently also working in the Design Management Office.

A new job change decided at a turning point in my life New perspectives gained at Cocone

– What made you switch to UI/UX design?

I worked as a graphic designer for advertising for about three years, and then I was invited by a start-up IT company to take on UI/UX design for games.

– What made you leave the company you had worked for for ten years and move to Cocone?

A former colleague of mine worked at Cocone. As I heard about the company culture and job description from my former colleague, I began to think it was an attractive company. I had no experience in avatar services, but I was attracted to the service itself, and I felt there were things I could do with my experience, so I decided to join the company.

– How do you feel about working at Cocone?

The majority of the users at my previous gaming company were male, but Cocone’s apps are very popular among female users, which is a refreshing change. Male users tend to purchase items with quantifiable information such as performance, character strength, and strategy, but Cocone’s app has an unquantifiable base of “cuteness. I feel that the UI/UX also needs to be intuitive and easy to understand.

– ” Pokecolo Twin ” has a “photo” feature that keeps track of Cocoron even when the app is closed.

For example, it would be more interesting if, after playing with the application during the day, you log in to the application again at night and find that something has changed. Even though it is a digital world, I think it is important to have a “photo” function that allows users to have a sense of “living in the same time” by having traces of someone who came to play and a log that shows cocoron’s activities. I think it is important to have a “photo” function that allows people to have a sense of “living in the same time” with cocoron.

– You are the team leader at Pokecolo Twin, what exactly do you do?

I have a wide range of duties, including team building for the UI/UX team, managing human resources and hiring, and negotiating with other departments. Since 2003, I have also served in a department called the Design Management Office, which is responsible for raising the potential of all services. This department is responsible for consolidating the knowledge and techniques possessed by each department so that they can be utilized across the board in each service.

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