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Miho Morii Avatar Designer
Studied information engineering at university, worked as a web designer at a web marketing company, then as an avatar designer at a company to which he was transferred; joined Cocone in 2017 and is currently the leader of the item planning team for ” Pokecolo Twin “

Enjoy the freedom of relationship that comes from having two avatars

– I know that many people enjoy playing Pokecolo by projecting themselves onto a single avatar (colonian), but Pokecolo Twin is unique in that it has two avatars (cocorons). Does having two avatars change the way you play?

Of course, there are those who project themselves, but I have the impression that many of our customers see twin cocorons as a set and play with them objectively.

– Even when customers communicate with each other, it is not a one-on-one relationship, but a group interaction.

Yes,” he said. When you visit your friend’s cocorium (a space where cocorons live), a total of four cocorons appear on the screen: your friend’s cocorons and the cocorons you brought with you. One of the charms of ” Pokecolo Twin ” is that the story you recall changes depending on the combination of the four cocorons.

– Is there any particular aspect of creating dress-up items that you pay attention to because it’s ” Pokecolo Twin “?

We have prepared many items that can be worn by both male and female cocorons, such as color variations of items. In the case of ” Pokecolo,” many of our customers are women, so we inevitably focus mainly on female items, but in ” Pokecolo Twin,” it is common to have a combination of a man and a woman or two boys, so there is a very high demand for male items.

– I see that the trend of the items sought after is also changing. Is the theme of the regularly released gachas also created with a focus on the relationship between cocorons?

The relationship between cocorons and cocorons varies widely from customer to customer. When we consider a dress-up gacha, we dare not to fix the theme too much, but only set a few elements and leave the rest to the imagination of the customer. By valuing the “blank spaces” in the stories created in this way, we hope to enrich the worlds of our customers’ imaginations.

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