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Yuko Kikuchi UI Designer
After working as a web designer and illustrator, she joined Cocone in 2016. As UI designer for ” Pokecolo “, she was in charge of revamping the ” Nagasume no Hoshi ” UI Designer and Chief Creator for “PKCL Twins” in 2022.

To update popular titles to web3 service

– I understand that you are the UI designer for the PKCL Twins web3service. I heard that you used to work as an illustrator.

I didn’t go to college for fine arts, but I wanted to try my hand at being a designer, so I applied as a designer and became an avatar designer.

– What made you decide to become a UI designer?

It was when I started to become more interested in the emotions and experiences of the customer than in painting, that I realized that UI could be more in touch with the experience itself.

– “PKCL Twins” is a service that uses assets from ” Pokecolo ” and ” Pokecolo Twin.” Were there any challenges in creating a web3 service based on an existing app?

I was really worried about how to make the web3 service easier to understand and use for people who enjoy the app.

– I’m not sure if you’re talking about the tutorials or the controls, but I’d like to know what you think.

The operation of the app is the same as the existing one, but the difficult part was how to incorporate the web3 elements into the already existing world view and flow of the app. There is a function that allows users to display avatars coordinated with digital items as NFTs, and the entire team debated whether or not people would enjoy such a new function without resistance.

– PKCL Twins is a global service, is there any difference between the two?

First of all, I felt the language barrier was the biggest obstacle. Right now, it is only in English, but we are thinking of appealing to the Philippines and Thailand in the future, so we need to build a UI that will not break down even if we expand into other languages within the same service. In addition, the way colors are seen and the way motifs such as animals are perceived vary widely from country to country. We are paying special attention to this area as we continue our studies.

– I wonder if there are any features that are unique to “PKCL Twins”.

There are several fashion brands in “PKCL Twins”. There is a gaggle of brands divided into genres such as cute, cool, and kimono. In the future, we would like to create a shopping mall called “Twinkle Mall” within the application, where customers can buy clothes for their avatars. We are aiming for something like an online fashion site, where you can list your favorites and see the most popular items for each day, and we hope that ‘PKCL Twins’ will become a place where you can feel the boundary between real and digital life.

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