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Masaya Takeuchi Creative Director
He joined Cocone in 2021 after working as a CG designer in the development of 3D action games for home use. Immediately after joining the company, he worked as a UI designer for “Livly Island” and is currently the creative director of “JANKEN”.

The potential of “rock-paper-scissors ” is simple, but it can be used around the world

– Cocone has mainly provided avatar services in the CCP genre, but “JANKEN” is different from its predecessors.

Last year, we started to focus on web3 services and decided to try a new genre called “Play & Earn”, in which you can increase your crypto assets by playing. The game is based on the simple game of “rock-paper-scissors”, a hand game that anyone can easily understand, but it has a collectible appeal with rich card designs, and the more you win the game, the more crypto assets called “MOOI The interesting part of the game is that you get a cryptographic asset called “MOOI” for winning the game.

– What was the response to your first foray into a new genre?

We once held a “JANKEN” tournament, a kind of in-house tournament, during the prototype stage. The matches were heated and the audience was very excited. It was such a simple game, but because it could generate such enthusiasm even within the company, I had the feeling that we could compete on a global scale as well.

– The “Emote” function allows users to express their feelings with stamps.

We believe that the appeal of the Cocone service is the ability to communicate through the application. At first, there was a suggestion to add a chat function, but by using stamps, it is possible to communicate with anyone, and there is the advantage of eliminating language barriers.

– What was the design of the rock-paper-scissors card in mind?

I think of these three cards, rock, paper and scissors, as uniforms compared to e-sports. We believe that understanding and respecting the culture of each country is one of the most important factors in communicating our products to the world, and we actively incorporate patterns and motifs that are considered good luck into our designs.

– What are your prospects for promoting JANKEN in the future?

We want to make it a world-class application. To achieve this, we need to hold real events. In Japan, it is still difficult, but we are already planning to hold events in the Asian region.

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