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Seira Kurogi UI/UX Designer
After graduating from Kyushu University’s Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Image Design, she worked for a game-related company before joining Cocone in 2019. After working on ” Cats Atelier, she is now the deputy leader of the UI/UX department for ” Pokecolo, focusing on large-scale initiatives

Designers, programmers, and planning. To bridge the gap between professions.

– Please tell us briefly about the duties of the position of UI/UX Designer.

Basically, UI is the process of designing a user interface for an application so that it is easy to understand and use. UX is the user experience, which involves considering whether the series of steps in the service is a good experience for the customer, and reflecting this in the design. This is the work of reflecting this in the design.

– What made you choose this type of work?

I have loved drawing pictures since I was a child and wanted to work in a field related to manufacturing. After entering university, I became interested in the fields of UI and UX when I joined a game-related laboratory. While in school, I participated in the “Global Game Jam,” an event in which students had 48 hours to create a game, and I also took part in the lab’s “Serious Game Project.” I was attracted to the idea of creating a single service in cooperation with people from various professions, and I aspired to become a UI/UX designer.

– You are currently in charge of ” Pokecolo. What kind of functional supervision are you doing for “Space Flea Market”, which is currently under development?

We design a series of processes that convert the coordinates created by customers in the Pokecolo app into NFTs and send them to the marketplace. For example, the UI/UX designer also supervises the top screen of Space Flea Market and the tutorial that tells how to use it. The main graphics that convey the world view of Space Flea Market are created in collaboration with the designer, Ms. Sato (see previous page), with whom we exchange opinions over and over again.

– I see that you have close communication within the team.

I actively express my opinions from the UI/UX point of view from the start of the planning stage. UI/UX designers often have the opportunity to work with a variety of people in different fields, and I believe that I am in an important position to bridge the gap between these fields.

– What do you do for customers who are not familiar with NFT?

NFT is still a difficult concept, so we try to create screens that use as little jargon as possible. Pokecolo is an application enjoyed by people of all ages, so I design it while imagining, for example, whether the information will be conveyed correctly when my own mother uses the Space Flea Market function.

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