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Chiharu Sato Designer
After graduating from a technical college, he worked for a design company before joining Cocone in 2012. She has been involved in “Pokecolo” since he first joined the company and is currently in charge of product planning and design. She also directs and supervises gacha and planning as a creative director.

Beyond the framework of an app, create new value as an NFT

– You are the designer of the ” Pokecolo ” application.

Fashion” is for dressing up avatars, “colonies” and “interiors”. Customers can enjoy their own “cute” world by coordinating these items according to their own tastes and preferences. The app has communication tools that allow customers to connect with each other, so it can be used like a social networking service, and it also has elements of a digital world where you can enjoy events and keep pets.

– The application is very flexible in the way it is played.

Yes, we do. New items are introduced every week, and many people enjoy collecting them.

– I heard that the Pokecolo team is developing a new feature called “Space Flea Market”. What kind of function is this?

The app currently has the ability for customers to exchange items with each other and trade in in-app currency, but SpaceFlea will allow customers to sell NFTs created using blockchain technology. Specifically, customers will be able to trade their coordinated avatars as NFTs in the marketplace.

– So you can make a collection of the world of Pokecolo as an NFT with asset value.

If we can capitalize on the web in the form of NFT, we believe that customers will be able to enjoy items and coordination for a longer period of time, and not just within the app.”

– What are your expectations and prospects as Pokecolo moves into the NFT field?

We are often amazed at the imagination of our customers, who enjoy combining various gachas with different images. We hope that Pokecolo will become a place where customers’ individuality can shine even brighter by valorizing their creative coordination as NFT.

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