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Chie Takano Project Leader
Joined the company in November 2018. After working on the Pokecolo project and other projects, he became the project leader of the Pokepia project in August 2022. She is active as a project leader with his outstanding planning skills, making the most of his activities as an underground idol.
Utilizing self-production skills learned through idol activities

– How did you come to work for Cocone?

After graduating from college, I was looking for a job because I wanted to work in the planning field. I happened to be assigned to the avatar app division of a company that hired me as a new graduate, and I was drawn more and more to the depth of avatar apps. After that, I decided that I wanted to gain more experience in a planning position, and I joined the company four years ago with the image that when it came to avatar apps, it was ‘ Pokecolo ‘ and Cocone.”

– What made you decide to work in the planning field?

I was actually an underground idol when I was a student, but there was a time when I had a hard time getting customers for myself. After much deliberation, I tried to imagine the kind of customers I wanted to have and tried to act in a way that those people would like. I tried to be creative with my costumes, responded differently from others at handshake events, etc. …… through a process of trial and error. As a result, I was blessed with very good customers and it remained a very fresh and interesting experience for me to get the reaction I wanted at events. I thought that a career in planning was similar to the way I produced myself when I was an idol, so I decided to pursue a career in planning.

– What did you do on the “Pokecolo” team that you were assigned to after joining the company?

In the Pokecolo team, I first learned about overall operations, and then gradually proposed plans. I found it interesting and challenging to research customer feedback and trends. Also, at Cocone, the design and development staff are all service-oriented, and they work together with the planning staff to come up with ideas, so it was an environment where I could get a better idea of how to be closer to customers.

– You are currently the project leader for ” Pokepia.” What is your enthusiasm for managing the application?

“Pokepia ” was created as Cocone’s first 3D app service, and we are constantly thinking about how we can deliver the “cute” worldview that Cocone apps are known for to even more customers by upgrading the app to 3D. We also devise ways to make items and avatars look cute from any angle. For example, delicate renderings of sheer material clothes that seem to really show through, or realistic movements of hair blowing in the wind, can only be reproduced in 3D. I hope that we can propose a different approach to play in a more realistic world, one that will broaden the range of play styles from the 2D application service.

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