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Tomohito Nakano Director
D. program at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance, he joined Cocone Corporation in 2014. As Director and General Manager of CCP Business Division, he is responsible for a wide range of areas including service operation and development, BI and CX.

Understanding customer “comfort” beyond data analysis

– I would like to know more about the nature of the work you are doing.

Starting with the title “Pokecolo” Cocone provides an application service that is defined as “Coordinate” through “Character” and “Play, We call it “CCP service” for short. There are four such titles operating in Tokyo: “Pokecolo” , ” Pokecolo Twin” , “Livly Island” , “Pokepia” and I am in charge of these four titles as the general manager of the business division.

– Are you in charge of branding?

I oversee operations more broadly than branding. I think about what kind of projects and events we should hold, and what kind of products we should offer to our customers.

– How did you come to work for Cocone?

Until my early thirties, I studied cognitive linguistics and communication theory at university and worked as a researcher through my doctoral studies. In addition to my research, I was also doing contract work for various companies, such as managing internal and external surveys. While analyzing data, I became interested in the flow of people and their thoughts beyond the data. That is how I came to be asked to become an analyst at Cocone, and I decided to join the company because I thought I would be able to feel the reactions and temperatures of customers beyond the data.

– I know that the response of users through SNS and other means is very important to Cocone.

What I find interesting about working at Cocone is that each customer has their own preferences that cannot be understood by data alone. While we can see the sales trend of an item in the data, the reason why it is popular is reflected in the design elements and the way it is communicated, which cannot be quantified. In order to get a true sense of this, the management must understand the “comfort” of each customer. I enjoy analyzing, practicing, and constantly feeling the reactions of our customers.

– Did working at Cocone have any impact on your life, Mr. Nakano?

The app production site involves more than a hundred people, including designers and engineers, and team play is always required. I have a strong sense that we have all worked together to create every app, and it has been a great benefit to have more unique and stimulating colleagues of a type I have never encountered before in my life.

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