Magazine SO-EN, July 2023 issue: Interview VOL.2 “Avatar Designers ON & OFF”

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Thinking with Cocone

How to become a fashion designer working in the virtual space?

Magazine SO-EN, July 2023 issue: Interview VOL.2 "Avatar Designers ON & OFF"

VOL.2 Avatar Designers ON & OFF

Today, attention to “avatar” spending time in virtual spaces is growing much more intense. In this context, the work surrounding avatars is being hotly regarded as a profession for the new era. In this series of articles, we will learn about the work of avatar designers together with Cocone, who is famous for his Pokecolo series. In this second installment, we focus on the two creators of “Pokecolo Twin” and get to know the source of their creations!


Joined Cocone in 2013.
Creative Director and Art Director of “Pokecolo Twin”.

The source of ideas is in everything in our daily lives

I started my career at Cocone as a part-time designer. I had always been familiar with cell phone games, so when I learned that there was a job creating graphics and materials that moved on a small screen, I was intrigued. Above all, I had always been interested in working as a designer since I was a student. However, I had been told by those around me that the creative world was a tough place to be, so after graduating from college, I went my separate and more stable way. However, my dream of becoming a designer remained unfulfilled, so I decided to give my dream a try at Cocone. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to work on illustration and design work right away that I was surprised when I submitted as many as 100 rough drafts in one day (laughs).

To me, a designer is “commercial creator”. Since my fundamental desire is to pursue the empathy and profit of as many people as possible, considering the needs of customers based on research is an essential and important part of the process. And it is movies, photo collections, novels, and poetry that inspire creativity. Sometimes a piece of artwork inspires me, and from there I come up with my own imagination and come up with another story, which leads to the item or theme of the gacha. I have also found inspiration from music. Off the clock, I tend to take it slow, but it’s all a source of ideas, too. For me, my best hobby is probably my work.

Representative work “Starry Cat Town”
A grab bag gacha released in November 2022. The cute motion was especially popular and became a big hit among users who loved the two avatars as a couple.

[ON] Close contact with the site!

A meeting of the ” Pokecolo Twin” team. Each team member presented an item in the process of creation. The constructive exchange of opinions in a friendly mood showed the good teamwork of the team.
It is also an important job to propose specific modifications to improve items created by the designer. While opening data on a tablet, he draws more and more.
Check the contents of your work bag!
Bag is from Beautiful People. Cell phone, tablet and glasses are essential items.

[OFF] Off time to enhance

Ms.N.I. says she likes going to the cinema and museums and spending time at home. As a creator, I can use all my experiences in my work. I also use the time I spend at home as an idea for my work.

1 My cat, a 6 year old Siamese cat. Also a model when considering items such as cat ears and tails!
2 Cooking is a hobby. Making reserve dishes, which she does about twice a week, also helps her to detoxify digitally.
3 One Saturday night. On my off days, I often watch Netflix while eating sweets. I like horror, mystery, and suspense.
Ms.N.I. loves Japanese art and culture of the 1960s, and is especially attracted to aesthetic writing and drawings. Among them, Yumiko Kurahashi is ” fond ” of them.
Right: “Lapis Lazuli” by Yuko Yamao, Chikuma Bunko
Center: I was lonely, so I kissed you – Seiichi Hayashi, Masterpiece Art Collection: Shoujo Hen” by Seiichi Hayashi, PARCO Publishing Co.
Left: “Sei Shoujo” by Yumiko Kurahashi, Shincho Bunko
(All personal belongings)


Joined Cocone in 2017.
Creative Director, Art Director and Item Designer for “Pokecolo Twin”.

Visiting real places is a source of power and inspiration

When I was presenting my own drawings on SNS, someone who had seen my work told me about ” Pokecolo ” saying that it looked like something she would like. When I looked at it, I saw a cute world with many motifs that I liked to draw, such as frills and ribbons, and I thought it would be wonderful if I could work in this way, so I applied for the designer position with longing. My specialty now is also cute themes, but I sometimes work on cool tastes. At that time, I input various works to find the coolness that customers like. What is especially important when creating is the trend. In the ” Pokecolo Twin,” for which I am currently in charge, designs that keep up with the latest trends are delivered to customers.

Therefore, when I go shopping on my days off, I have started to follow trends by looking all over fashion buildings from top to bottom and looking at designs of brands I don’t wear. On my days off, I often go to see 2.5 dimensional stage performances and live shows by YUKI, Perfume, and Senritsu kanano. I get power and inspiration from artists who express themselves in a way that only they can. I have also enjoyed visiting cafes since my college days, and I myself often receive inspiration from real outside places. As a designer at Cocone, I value my own “likes” sensibilities as much as those of our customers, and I hope to continue to bring you wonderful items and worldviews.

Representative work “Pretty♡Vampire”
Ms.M.S. also did the art direction and item production for the gacha, which will be released in April 2022. The theme is full of dreams of vampires enjoying the human world.

[ON] Close contact with the site!

Checking designs at her desk, Ms.M.S.’s free-address desk is filled with cute things, including goods of her favorite characters. From her work space, one can see that the “Kawaii” that Cocone values is being carried through.
With Ms.M.M., leader of the Pokecolo Twin design team. The two of them begin discussing even during a gap in their travels.
Check the contents of your work bag!
She goes to work in a bag with a teddy bear on it, which she has used for about four years for company use because it can also hold a PC. The phone cover is a collage of photos of her favorite artists and characters. The pen with crystals is a precious gift from N.I. on the right, who gave it to her when they completed a theme they worked on together.

[OFF] Off time to enhance

Ms.M.S. says, “I am interested in how I am stimulated by new worlds, and I want to visit various places”. Although she also attends live music concerts and 2.5 dimensional performances, her hobby has not changed since she was a university student: visiting cafes.

One of Ms.M.S.’s favorite cafes, “gmgm” in Koenji, Tokyo, has cute dried flower decorations on the ceiling (the café is now closed).
Left: Accessories collection. I love cute motifs such as ribbons and hearts.
Right: On off-days, she changes her mood by doing her own nails. After getting into nail art, she enjoys thinking of cute nails for her avatar.
Left:” I have read this novel many times since I was a high school student because I was so moved by the story of the characters who keep running while searching for the answer to the meaning of running. “The wind is blowing strongly” by Shion Miura, Shincho Bunko
Center: A manga with a simple structure and almost no dialogue. The part of the story conveyed only through pictures is similar to the work of avatar design. Nagano’s Bear Book (1): Mole Croquette Songs” by Nagano, Kodansha
Right: My Melody’s book shows the transition of design in each era. MY MELODY A to Z” edited and published by Graphic, supervised by Sanrio
(All personal belongings)

Summary of this month

ON and OFF, all “likes ” are returned to the design!

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