Connect to web3. Board Members’ Vision of Cocone’s Future Part 2

Connect to web3. Board Members' Vision of Cocone's Future <Part 2>.

In the first part of the interview, we discussed Cocone’s business to date, its strengths, and Cocone’s vision for the future, focusing on its business activities.

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In the second part of the interview, we changed our perspective a bit and asked him about the future of the company and what he would like to share with those who are interested in working at Cocone.

-There was a major board member change in July. This was a big decision….

Kashiwakuma: The founder, the chairman, and the previous board members each had their own businesses, which were passed on to the next member.
I think this was a big decision.
I think this is because we have added about 200 new employees between last year and this year, which has increased the number of options we can take, and has created a framework and structure that allows us to take on various challenges, including changing board members.

Nakano: The time has come for us to take on the global market with new technology, while leveraging the avatar business know-how that Cocone has cultivated over the years.
On the other hand, we must also protect the Tokyo office, our employees, the services we provide, and the customers who gather there, who are the very essence of Cocone.
We must protect it, or rather, grow and cherish it further alongside the challenge.
We recognize that the selection of people and changes are necessary to achieve this, and to balance the past and future of Cocone.

Takaya: Although each of us, including myself, comes from a different background and has a different base occupation, I am proud to say that I have selected the best people to lead Cocone today and in the future.

“If you build a good company, good people will come, if you have good people, you will have good service, and if you have good service, customers will come”

-What kind of company do you want to make Cocone in the future?

Nakano: Rather than a company created for business, the current chairman founded the company because he wanted to create a socially meaningful company, a company that is good for society.
The Chairman’s philosophy is that if you build a good company, good people will come, if good people come, good service will be provided, and if good service is provided, customers will gather.
This has been our vision since the foundation of the company, and we would like to continue to be a company that treats its customers with respect while taking good care of its employees, without wavering or deviating in any strange way.

Kashiwakuma:The current company is not yet in a state of perfection with respect to the desire to “create a good company”, which was incorporated at the time of the company’s founding.
I think it is also a company where everyone tries to embody this in their own positions and places while searching for it.

Takaya: We, the Cocone Group, are not making anything useful at this time.
I wonder if we will ever be able to buy something useful and sell it.
With over 1,000 employees, what is it that Cocone does? I think it is to create positive emotions for our customers through our services.
We are committed to providing services that will help people develop positive emotions, such as fun, happiness, and warmth.

Domain, as a social entertainment, will incorporate new technologies such as blockchain-based innovation called web3 and AI.
Although the expression may change depending on the service, we would like to work to increase the number of people in the world who can have positive feelings through our services, even if only one person.

“I can say with confidence that it is a good company”

-Last question, what would you like to tell those who are interested in Cocone?

Takaya: I am very simple and really good company.
I can say with confidence that it is a good company.
The people at the company are good, and I have no doubt that we will work on this in the future, so I hope you will come.

Kashiwakuma: At first glance, the cute-look avatar service and the company building equipped with a gym and deli may give you a soft and clean impression, but the company is very venture-minded.
They are fast-paced and may hold key positions and subsidiary directorships at a young age.

I think expertise and past experience are important, but I think this is a good company for people who want to grow and enjoy starting from nothing while making the most of this.
The words “metaverse” and “web3” have been talked about around the world, but I think we are still in a phase where no one has a successful example.
Cocone is not a company that came up with the term “metaverse” yesterday or today, but rather takes pride in the fact that we have been working for over a decade on services that can add asset value to digital items.

Now is the time for you to come on board with us.

Hiraiwa: Blockchain services themselves are still an area that no one is quite sure about, for better or worse, as there are still many unclear and unsettled laws surrounding them, as well as how they will expand in the future.
If you are intellectually curious with a strong desire to take on challenges, if you want to challenge yourself in a field that will continue to change more and more, rather than competing only with existing knowledge, you are suited for this job, and Cocone can provide you with a place where you can take on challenges.

Takayama:What I find amazing about Cocone is its willingness to take on any challenge.
I originally liked blockchain, but gave it up when I left my last company.
But I was very moved to take on the challenge at Cocone, or rather, I thought it was pretty crazy (laughs).
If you are an engineer who wants to take on various challenges, I would like you to give Cocone a try.

Nakano: I would like designers who take pride in creating something cute and wonderful to come to the show.
I think it is very exciting because there are probably dozens of people in Cocone who have the same or even more pride than that person.

Compete with customers with the items you create.
If you are interested in competing, or rather facing customers, there is probably seldom a company that can do that better than Cocone.
Some may think that we are simply a company that makes dress-up apps for women, but we have defined the elements of our service and named ourselves CCP, which is so deep that we study it as if it were an academic discipline.
And I believe that the company’s growth over the past 10 years is proof that that research was not mistaken.

-Thank you very much!

In part one and part two, we spoke with the new management team about their vision for Cocone’s future.

Cocone is not a company that came up with the term “Metaverse” yesterday or today. We are proud of the fact that we have been working for over 10 years on a service that allows digital items to have asset value. As he says, Cocone has been providing avatar services ahead of the advent of the web3 era.
We hope to provide Cocone’s services around the world using technology that will evolve further in the future.

If you want to challenge yourself because there is no right answer and this is uncharted territory, please get to know more about Cocone and join us in creating a digital world!

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