“MOOI Network”, the blockchain of the Cocone Group, aiming to be ranked among the top 30 in the world.

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"MOOI Network", the blockchain of the Cocone Group, aiming to be ranked among the top 30 in the world.

“MOOI Network”, a blockchain network launched this summer by POST VOYAGER (*1), a Cocone Group company.

All of Cocone’s web3-related businesses are based on “MOOI Network”. In this interview, we talked to Mr. Cho hunje, CEO of VOYAGER Japan (*2), about “MOOI Network”, its roadmap, and the abilities they look for in their engineers.

*1 Singapore-based Cocone group company specializing in blockchain projects. Partnership with Klaytn, a layer 1 blockchain developed by Kakao Group, a leading Korean IT company.
*2 POST VOYAGER’s Japanese subsidiary

“MOOI Network” specialized in the metaverse area

– Please give us a brief history and overview of the development of “MOOI Network”.

Cho: In order for Cocone to take on the web3 business, we needed a blockchain network specialized in the avatar business and metaverse that we have built up so far.

(1) Provide an environment that is easy for customers to use while ensuring safety
(2) Transactions can be freely made on each service, and fees are consistent and inexpensive.
is equipped with.

“MOOI Network” was developed to meet these conditions, and I believe that these two points are what make it superior to other blockchains.
However, blockchain, which is a ledger-based approval system of distributed nodes, is inherently characterized by slow transaction speeds.
“MOOI Network” also has the challenge of convincing users at a higher level, and we would like to continue to improve it, taking into account UI and UX aspects.

Since its launch, “MOOI Network” has developed and released various solutions such as DX and DeFi at a fast pace, in addition to the wallet and “Jellyme” NFT marketplace.
We will continue to develop and operate the infrastructure that will support Cocone’s new business, while keeping an eye on the market and the reactions of customers who will use the MOOI Network-based products that will begin to be serviced in the future.

― In fact, Cocone Group has launched “Meta Livly (*)” and “Jellyme”, and plans to launch several other new services. Were there any requests from the team that created the service?

Cho: There have been many things.
“Jellyme” has a function to sort by service and a place to showcase key visuals.
However, due to limited personnel and resources, we are not yet able to meet all requests.
We will continue to improve this issue in the future.

* “Meta Livly”: A Play and Earn service that uses the IP of the popular avatar app “Lively Island” that won the category award at the Google Play Awards 2021. Developed and operated by Cocone M Corporation (South Korea), service will start in August 2022.

MOOI Network and Klaytn Network

– Please tell us about the connection between “MOOI Network” and Klaytn Network, starting with how it came about.

Cho: POST VOYAGER has been a part of Klaytn Network’s governance council since its inception in 2019.
Among the various blockchains, we had the best understanding of the Klaytn Network technology and developed “MOOI Network” as a side chain of the Klaytn infrastructure.
We have been bridging with Klaytn Network since launch and are currently working with Polygon on assets as well. In addition, if there are other excellent services in the avatar and metaverse, we are considering active collaboration.
Although it is a layer 2 blockchain, our goal is to evolve it into a network that is not ashamed to be called the main network.

Top 30 blockchains in the world

– Please tell us about MOOI Network’s future, what you want to achieve, and your dreams for the company or for yourself.

Cho: The future vision of MOOI Network is to become one of the top 30 networks in the world in terms of market share. This is the biggest dream of the Cocone Group.
My own dream is that one-tenth of the Japanese population will have a “MOOI Network” wallet.
We would like to let it grow to that level.

– What is the roadmap for “MOOI Network”?

Cho: First of all, we need to create a network dedicated to stability and avatar services.
We will continue to develop our services while expanding such functions until 2023.
In the following year, we aim to establish a system that enables onboarding of services outside of the Cocone Group and open it up as a public network.
When we accomplish this as a public network in three years, we will do our best to be among the top 30 networks in the world.

New web3 service “PKCL Twins”

– What do you think of the “MOOI Network” infrastructure service “PKCL Twins” currently under development at Cocone from the blockchain development side?

Cho: The new service “PKCL Twins” is one of the most important projects in the Cocone Group.
Although the service is not available in Japan due to various reasons and regulations, “PKCL Twins” has an easy-to-understand system that can be easily understood by customers who are new to Cocone’s avatar service, as well as a service cycle that can be easily understood by existing customers.
We expect that the combination of avatar services and blockchain will allow us to build a world unlike any we have seen before.

“POST VOYAGER” blockchain development company

– What is POST VOYAGER’s position in the Cocone Group?

Cho: Within the Cocone Group, whose core business is the avatar business, the development, research, and operation of blockchain technology is the domain of POST VOYAGER.

– What kind of work does VOYAGER Japan, the company’s Japanese subsidiary, do?

Cho: Service development for the “MOOI Network” platform is being conducted by the Cocone Group in various countries around the world, of which we are supporting the projects being conducted in Japan.
The majority of the development of Cocone services is done in Tokyo, and my job is to support these engineers and consult with them, such as listening to their wish list for service planning, and reflect these ideas in “MOOI Network”.

– What kind of engineers are you looking for as Cocone Group?

Cho: First of all, you must be curious.
Rather than being interested in something because it’s a new technology, I think it’s better for people to be able to think about the root of their curiosity by asking “Why?”.

Another, Key word that has long been associated with Cocone is “dedication”.
This does not mean that you should work hard.
The engineer’s weapon of choice is the ability to reduce a 10-hour job to 5 hours, to automate complex systems, and to use technology to build meaningful systems.
To make the best use of this weapon, it is important to always be aware of finding inconveniences in the people around you.
I think that people who can improve their work by helping their colleagues, seniors and juniors, and who can improve what they take for granted as not the norm, are the ones who have the qualities of good engineers.

– One last word.

Cho: I am in charge of the Japanese market, so I would like to create many opportunities for Japanese customers to experience “MOOI Network” as soon as possible.
There are many things that need to be adjusted, such as regulations and laws, but I believe that by the day many customers in Japan use MOOI Network, the service will be even more satisfactory than it is now, and I ask for your support in this endeavor.

After Talk

– What do you think of the recent major turmoil in the industry that has forced us to talk about it unintentionally?

Cho: Starting with the incident in May of this year, I thought the cryptowinter was about to “bottom out,” but…….it is still there……..

While more than a century of market capitalism has shaped various regulations and preparedness for dealing with assets, this was still lacking with crypto assets.
Based on the experience of some of the incidents that have occurred, I believe that users will be more concerned about “moral” issues on the part of service providers in the future.

In an expanding market, people tend to think that they will never collapse.
Now that we know “not so” after this incident, I think it will be corrected little by little as customers become more demanding and government regulations become stricter.
Although the future is still uncertain, I believe that the industry itself is actually moving to the next step.

We talked about the blockchain network “MOOI Network” and its future prospects.

When VOYAGER Japan CEO said that “one-tenth of the Japanese population will have MOOI Network wallets” when the service eventually becomes available in Japan, we could feel his expectation and confidence in “MOOI Network”.
We will be introducing new services scheduled for release in the future as they become available!

And Cocone is actively recruiting in the web3 business using blockchain!
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