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  • Tomita Yosuke | Director of Business Development (web3)

    Tomita Yosuke | Director of Business Development (web3)

    Chosen as one of the ‘Top 30 web3.0 Entrepreneurs Shaping the Era’ (Featured in the ‘IOLITE’ Special Feature)

    After graduating from Keio University’s Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, he joined Square Enix Co., Ltd. There, he was involved in producer roles and in the establishment of subsidiaries. In 2010, he moved to GREE, Inc., where he was responsible for launching domestic and international projects, including publishing and setting up operations in China. Starting in 2014, he held positions as Chief of the Business Development Department, Head of Corporate Headquarters, and Representative Director at Cocone, Inc. In 2021, he founded Cocone connect, Inc., a company dedicated to M&A/investment, and assumed the role of CEO. He has been leading web3 initiatives and launching Play & Earn services. In 2023, he was appointed as a director of our company.

  • Hiraiwa Momoko | Executive Officer, Legal Department Director (web3)

    Hiraiwa Momoko | Executive Officer, Legal Department Director (web3)

    Supporting legal aspects of our web3 and blockchain business.

    After working as a lawyer for 10 years at a law firm in Tokyo, she joined our company in 2020. From the start of her employment, she has been involved in the legalities of launching of an NFT trading platform. Since then, she has been supporting web3 businesses and blockchain services, including our company’s applications and services, as the head of the legal department. Her responsibilities include, supporting both regulatory compliance for issuing tokens and staking within our companies apps and services, as well as support for web3 businesses and blockchain services included within the Cocone group.

  • Kura Shuichi | Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer (Engineer)

    Kura Shuichi | Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer (Engineer)

    Leading the launch of numerous services as a client developer.

    In 2003, he joined Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. There, he gained experience as an engineering leader. He later worked at GREE, Inc. as an engineering manager and lead engineer. After joining our company in 2015, he took charge of building up our core avatar services such as “Pokecolo Twins” and “Livly Island” on the client development side. In 2023, he assumed the roles of CTO and Executive Officer at our company.

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